Englarged Pores

Enlarged pores are usually seen in people with sebaceous or oily skin, and may become more apparent with age as skin laxity contributes to the appearance of enlarged pores. If you have enlarged pores but still have good skin elasticity, your best treatment options are HydraFacials and Clear + Brilliant laser treatments. If you are over the age of 45, we may also recommend Ultherapy as an adjunct treatment specifically to address skin tightening. During your consultation, our board-certified medical providers will fully assess your skin and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan.

HydraFacials are very beneficial for enlarged pores, as they cleanse and extract debris and excess oil from the pores while infusing the skin with salicylic acid to help temporarily control breakouts and excess oil production. HydraFacials are comfortable, require no downtime, and immediately improve the appearance of your skin.

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is also a great choice for enlarged pores. This fractional laser uses non-ablative technology to gently resurface your skin without downtime. The areas of your face with enlarged pores will be treated more heavily, and a series of these lasers will be prescribed across one-month intervals.

Ultherapy treatments are very beneficial for patients with enlarged pores as well as aging skin. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to visualize the collagen layers of your face before applying microscopic thermal injuries to that tissue. A full facial treatment typically takes about 45 minutes, and collagen fiber contracture will take effect immediately. The astute patient may notice the feeling of skin tightening and subtle lifting immediately following their session. Complete results usually appear gradually over the course of about six months as your body creates new collagen fiber. Ultherapy is an in office treatment which does not require sedation or other oral medications. There is usually no downtime, although bruising can occur. Your Center for Aesthetics board-certified medical provider will make recommendations for future treatments based on your age and starting condition.