Mouth & Lip Lines

Wrinkles on the perioral (mouth) area are one of the most common complaints our patients seek out help for. The Center for Aesthetics has developed proprietary techniques for treating the perioral area without compromising your natural, “uninflated” appearance. Lip lines are related to loss of collagen production in the skin, but are primarily caused by loss of volume in the entire region surrounding the mouth. Older techniques employed dermal fillers in the lips or individual lines, leading to over-corrected lip volume or ridges and unnatural thickening in the skin surrounding the mouth. Dr. Durboraw has spent several years refining her techniques for restoring volume to the perioral area for a natural and youthful appearance without the risk of over-inflation. She has mentored all of the medical providers at our facilities on this technique.   

Dermal fillers are the most direct treatment to improve the appearance of lip lines. At the Center for Aesthetics, we utilize deep placement of filler to rebuild and replace the lost support structures in the perioral area, rejuvenating the entire face. Dermal fillers are placed carefully with a cannula, reducing the risk of bruising and making the treatment experience much more comfortable. Rather than an aggressive, “fill-her-up” approach, we recommend gradual restoration of your desired volume over 2-3 visits for a more graceful and precise transformation. We do recommend having a “quiet” social schedule for a few days following each treatment, as mouth area may bruise and often swells slightly for a day or two after injections.