Who We Are

The Center for Aesthetics (CFA)was founded by Catherine Durboraw, MD. After completing her fellowship with the subspecialty of oculofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Durboraw opened her practice in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1998. She immediately developed an interest in non-surgical options related to facial plastic surgery, and although technology was quite limited at the time, she realized that this new era of medicine would radically transform how we practiced plastic surgery. Dr. Durboraw also had a personal and professional interest in developing better ways to “gracefully age”. In the early years, few preventative treatments existed for facial aging, but Dr. Durboraw recognized that some of the technology introduced to address existing aging issues could be repurposed to prevent it. That began our journey of 19 years and counting. 

Over the years, Dr. Durboraw’s practice has grown to include clinics in three states. The Center for Aesthetics has cared for over 14,000 patients, and she has personally performed over 12,000 eyelid surgeries, 50,000 neurotoxin injections, and 5,000 dermal filler treatments, as as well as many laser and energy based device services. Dr. Durboraw has gained national attention for her innovative use of Ultherapy, and the Center for Aesthetics is a national leader in the administration ofDysport neurotoxin and other dermal fillers. The Center for Aesthetics prides itself on continual education and investigation to ensure we are providing not only the latest “cutting edge” technology, but also ensuring the safest application of those treatments. 

The Center For Aesthetics now offers plastic surgery procedures as well as oculofacial plastic surgery, in addition to a full array of Aesthetic Medicine non-surgical alternatives. Our medical providers are all board-certified in their specialties with meticulous training and extensive experience in the services they offer. 

Above all, Center for Aesthetics is a patient-focused clinic. We understand that your positive experience with us is our most important achievement, and we strive to meet this goal with every patient encounter. We look forward to seeing you at Center for Aesthetics and we are honored that you have chosen our medical practice for your care.