Sagging Neck

A common problem caused by aging is lax neck skin, also called “turkey wattle”. The best way to address this issue is prevention; technology like Ultherapy can guarantee skin tightness before problems appear. However, there are several non-surgical and surgical options which can dramatically improve the appearance of your neck if these changes have already occurred. The Center for Aesthetics offers the latest technological advances, performed by our experienced, board-certified providers, to ensure you get the best results possible.

Ultherapy is often the first line of defense for sagging necks. This technology is well-suited to patients with mild to moderate neck laxity and those with more advanced problems who have no tolerance for downtime. We usually recommend treating both the lower face and neck, even when the neck is the main concern. This way, we are able to achieve a consistent transformation across the whole face. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to visualize the collagen layers of your face before applying microscopic thermal injuries to that tissue. A full treatment of the lower face typically takes about 45 minutes, and collagen fiber contracture will take effect immediately. The astute patient may notice the feeling of skin tightening and subtle lifting immediately following their session, and complete results usually appear gradually over the course of about six months as your body creates new collagen fiber. Ultherapy is an in office treatment which does not require sedation or other oral medications. There is usually no downtime, although bruising can occur. Your Center for Aesthetics board-certified medical provider will make recommendations for future treatments based on your age and starting condition. Ultherapy does not remove fat and so is combined with CoolSculpting when both skin laxity and submental fat are present.