Trick or Treat Yourself Open House

CFA Idaho Falls Clinic October 27th 4pm – 6pm

Celebrate Halloween “Adult Style” – get the “Treats” that YOU really are looking for – discounts on the treatments and products that you love.

CFA’s Event Mojo is back!

After a two-year pandemic-forced hiatus, CFA Idaho Falls is getting its Event Mojo back!  By popular demand, we are excited to invite you to “Trick or Treat Yourself 2022.” Join the party and get informed about the latest anti-aging “Tricks” out there.

“Trick or Treat Yourself 2022” will officially launch two exciting new offerings in our Idaho Falls location -Tixel skin tightening technology and the superior European skincare line, Natura Bisse.

Tickets are now on sale by calling (208) 529-8232. Your $25 entry fee will give you access to our fun party with lots of samples and giveaways, food and beverages, and over $2,500 in savings on treatment packages and skin care products.

These “Treats” are only available to those who attend the event in person, and the discounted services and products are only redeemable in our CFA Idaho Falls clinic.



CALL (208) 529-8232 for Your Tickets!

$25 = Exclusive Party Entry +

              • Lots of samples & giveaways
              • Food & Beverages
              • Access to over $2,500 in savings on treatment packages and skin care products

Join the Tixel (R)Evolution

Tixel is the latest and greatest skin tightening and pigmentation-reducing treatment.  It has been in use in Europe for nearly a decade and cleared by the FDA for use in the US in 2021. CFA was one of the first practices in the US to obtain the technology and has been perfecting protocols for YOU. Learn more about Tixel by clicking here to visit our website.

Ditch the Daily Skin Care Regimen and enter the world of your Daily Dose of Self Love

Established in the 1970s by founder Richard Fisas, Natura Bissé was the first company that recognized the power of peptides for skin care and has continued to innovate peptide and growth factor technology in skin care ever since. [Peptides are bulky proteins that act as cell messengers, instructing our cells to do things, or sometimes to NOT do things]. Many skin care products advertise “peptides” but there are hundreds of different types, AND the challenge in topical peptide therapy is all about the absorption.

Peptides are big, bulky molecules that don’t easily penetrate our skin barrier to get to the deeper layers where they need to be to do their thing. Natura Bisse is the leader in what is referred to as “transepidermal delivery”, using the latest Diamond nanotechnology in their Diamond line – a proven medical therapeutic method for delivering heavy peptides to our deeper dermis. Bottom line – Natura Bisse delivers superior results in areas like pigment reduction and skin texture improvement. Dr. D. fell in love with the product line in Europe a few years ago and brought Natura Bisse into our Jackson Hole and Scottsdale clinics, where it has rapidly become the skincare line of choice by our patients – combining superior efficacy with the most luxurious appeal when you apply it to your skin. As Dr. D. explains it, Nature Bisse changes your “skin care regimen” into your “daily dose of self-love”.  Learn more about Natura Bisse by clicking here to visit our website.