CFA Experience

The Center for Aesthetics is a professional, patient-focused clinic. Our goal is to develop a long term, lifetime relationship with you as we gracefully grow old together. We understand that your positive experience with us is our most important achievement, and we strive to meet this goal with every patient encounter. Our abundance of 5 star reviews demonstrates our success at achieving this goal.

We are confident that you will clearly see the difference with your experience at Center for Aesthetics, compared with “medspas”, or medical practices who may offer similar services. We are not a medspa, and we specialize in Aesthetic Medicine—it isn’t just a side job for us. We only perform FDA approved, medically efficacious treatments. You won’t find lash extensions, permanent makeup or pedicures here. At Center for Aesthetics, only a board certified medical doctor (MD) or physician assistant (PA) will perform your initial consultation and formulate a treatment plan customized to your concerns. Our PA’s have undergone an intensive residency with Dr. Durboraw, and have passed her rigorous requirements for knowledge and competency in treatment performance prior to independently providing care. Most of your treatments will be performed by our board certified medical providers. Other treatments which we delegate to our laser technicians, are directly supervised by our medical providers. Our laser technicians have been trained by Dr. Durboraw, and are required to pass rigorous evaluations by her as well as the company prior to treating any patient. We don’t just set the regional standard of care for Aesthetic Medicine—we set it nationally.

The Center for Aesthetics never compromises on the technology used. We only invest in “gold standard” equipment; these are from the innovators in the industry, the companies who create new technology. You will not find multipurpose lasers at the Center For Aesthetics. Generic laser systems which advertise treatment for multiple concerns are, as the adage goes, masters of none—and they often compromise safety along with efficacy in treating your condition.

The Center for Aesthetics will also never jeopardize our integrity to sell you a treatment. We have over 2 million dollars invested in technology and a significant clientele. We don’t need to sell any individual on one particular technology just because we happen to own it, and we will only recommend the treatment that is right for you. If you come in for a consultation on something that isn’t right for you, we will let you know.

We look forward to seeing you at Center for Aesthetics!
Experience….. The Difference