The seeds of Catherine’s philosophy and her path to becoming a doctor began early.

Catherine’s parents, the embodiment of strength and hard work, taught her she could grow up to be anything she could imagine. Smart and precocious from an early age, she took this seriously, and thus began the can-do spirit and enthusiasm she brings to everything she does.

Like just about every kid in school, Catherine struggled with some of her physical qualities and kids who weren’t always kind. This planted the idea that she could turn her self-doubts into a life’s calling.

She believes feeling good about your physical appearance is an important part of self-esteem and confidence … but she’s equally sure there’s not just one kind of beauty. Just like the women and men who embody it, beauty comes in myriad shapes, colors and forms – there’s not one definition or standard.

Instead, Catherine vowed to help women and men achieve their own definition of beauty – inside and out. She finds real beauty in the tiny imperfections that make us who we are and believes it’s her job to see every person’s uniqueness and help them shine.

Since Catherine started CFA, she’s been on a mission to create a newer kind of aesthetic care: natural, less invasive, more innovative, with real results. Catherine believes surgery and aesthetic medicine can be highly complementary – and in many cases, less invasive aesthetic care can avoid surgery altogether.

CFA is a safe and inviting space where people can comfortably talk about their skin and aging concerns and we solve them together. Catherine’s driving passion is finding an individual approach for every person she meets, and she loves to build long-term relationships with her patients at each stage of their unique journey.

At CFA, it’s all about our beautiful patients. We want them to feel safe and cared for, part of our CFA family. Because we’re together on this journey and it’s going to be great!