Ever wished you could turn back the clock on your facial appearance, without resorting to invasive surgery?

Imagine a scenario where, with each passing week, you witness your face gradually reclaiming the contours of your younger self. This isn’t a far-fetched fantasy; it’s a reality made possible by the Center for Aesthetics’ (CFA) exclusively designed skincare program – the CFA Trifecta.

The CFA Trifecta: A Revolutionary Approach to Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

At the heart of the CFA Trifecta is a unique, proprietary combination of three powerful treatments: Ultherapy, Vivace, and PRP. This innovative trio works synergistically to offer unprecedented non-surgical facial lifting, tightening, and rejuvenation. It’s a holistic approach that’s changing the game in aesthetic medicine.

180 Degrees of Natural: The CFA Philosophy

Dr. Catherine Durboraw, the visionary behind the CFA Trifecta, believes in achieving “180 degrees of natural.” This means your face, viewed from any angle, should look naturally youthful, something that traditional facelifts often compromise. The CFA Trifecta is designed to revive your inherent beauty at any age while ensuring you still look unmistakably like you.

Addressing the Core of Aging

The CFA Trifecta targets the weakening structure in key layers of the face – the skin, dermis, and deep tissue planes. As we age, our collagen renewal slows down, leading to sagging and loss of structure. The CFA Trifecta intervenes at this juncture, stimulating new collagen production across every layer, restoring structural integrity, and reducing sagging.

Dr. Catherine Durboraw – Center for Aesthetics founder

How the CFA Trifecta Works

The combined power of Ultherapy, Vivace, and PRP offers a multi-dimensional approach to combat aging.

1. Ultherapy: The Foundation

Ultherapy, an FDA-cleared procedure, forms the foundation of the Trifecta. It lifts and tightens the neck, chin, and improves chest wrinkles using ultrasound technology. This non-surgical method reactivates collagen formation deep within the facial tissue, offering a gradual, natural transformation.

2. Vivace: Surface Refinement

Complementing Ultherapy, Vivace focuses on the skin’s surface and dermal tissue. This radiofrequency micro-needling technique reduces surface wrinkles and tightens the skin, enhancing your complexion with a healthy, youthful glow.

3. PRP: The Healing Boost

The final component is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), which supercharges the body’s healing response. PRP, rich in growth factors, accelerates cellular turnover and repair, magnifying the rejuvenating effects of Ultherapy and Vivace.


The Combined Power: Synergy at Work

The real magic of the CFA Trifecta lies in the power of combination. These treatments, when used together, provide results far superior to what each could achieve alone. This synergy ensures comprehensive rejuvenation with minimal downtime, making it an ideal choice for those seeking effective, non-surgical solutions.

Dr. Catherine Durboraw: The Architect of CFA Trifecta

Dr. Durboraw, a renowned oculofacial plastic surgeon at the Center for Aesthetics, is the pioneering force behind the CFA Trifecta. Her first-hand experience of over 25 years as a provider and a patient and her deep understanding of facial aesthetics have shaped this unique protocol.

The Transformative Journey

The CFA Trifecta is not just a treatment; it’s a transformative journey. While many patients see immediate improvements, the full extent of rejuvenation unfolds over 4-6 months. This gradual transformation ensures long-lasting, natural-looking results that defy the conventions of traditional surgical procedures.  Remember, this is not a “one and done” procedure.  Just as you can’t claim you’ve done your cardio for the month by running a marathon on day one, the Trifecta is a procedure that you should plan on performing 2-3 times per year, depending upon unique needs and desired outcome.  We need to keep stimulating collagen after the age of 30 on a regular basis to maintain healthy skin and a more youthful glow.

Embrace the Change with CFA Trifecta

The CFA Trifecta is more than just a skincare program; it’s a commitment to evolving beauty. By harnessing the natural healing powers of the body and the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, the CFA Trifecta promises a return to youthful vibrancy.

Ready to Rediscover Your Youthful Self?

Visit us at the Center for Aesthetics in Idaho Falls to learn more about the CFA Trifecta and how it can redefine your beauty journey. Your path to natural, age-defying beauty awaits.

Your Partner Through the Journey

At Center for Aesthetics, we promise to be your guide and personal cheering section through the years, counseling you on the best ways to prevent and address age-related concerns. We pride ourselves on personalized service, and we pledge not to “sell” you any treatments just because we own the technology. We love the lifelong relationships we’ve forged with so many of our patients – and want to build that trust with you too. Contact us for a consultation, and let us help you get started on a self-care journey you’ll love.